Professional comic book grading should have options
  • Professional comic book grading should have options

  • There's always been more than one comic grading method. Not all books are meant to be encased in hard plastic shells with exorbitant grading fees.
One cost grading and no bulky slabs
  • One cost grading and no bulky slabs

  • Archival safe Mylar and acrylic back board that easily fits in standard comic boxes
Treasury Editions
  • Treasury Editions

  • The hobby has asked for Treasury Edition grading forever — and now it's here.
Magazine grading
Magazine grading
  • Magazine grading

  • We grade magazines! Including Mad, Life, Famous Monsters, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy

Six things that make us different

Comic Envelopment

We protect each book with 2mil mylar bags and 1/16" thick acrylic backing board. Both are archival safe, American made, and will fit into normal comic storage boxes. Each book carries a label on the back indicating the title, issue number, grade, and a unique verifiable barcode with image.

One Price Grading

We charge the same amount to grade any regular size comic book! Unlike other grading companies that charge additional fees based on age or value, we do not. Our current grading fee for all comics is only $12.99, or $14.99 for Magazines and Magazine sized comics.

Grading and Notation

Grading is based on the Overstreet scale, the industry standard for comic grading, providing both transparency and consistency. Books containing alterations are given an ”Altered" grade, while all others receive a standard grade.

Scans of all Books

Every book we grade is accompanied by scanned images showing the book as we saw it. Images are easily viewed on our website by scanning the QR code and entering the serial number found on the label. 

Quick Turnaround Times

Tired of waiting up to a year (or longer) to get your prized books back from other grading companies? We are too. Our grading process eliminates bottlenecks and ensures your books are returned to you without delay.

Started by Comic People

With over seven decades in and around comics, as retail store owners, collectors, and comic convention show-runners, we know what works — and what doesn’t. We’ve listened to the concerns of the collector community and have developed an improved grading option.