FOOM (Fellowship of Obsessive Marvel Fans) magazine was a fan-oriented publication dedicated to Marvel Comics and its characters. The magazine primarily focused on providing behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and exclusive information related to Marvel's comic books and creators. 

FOOM was first published in 1973 and had 22 issues, with the final issue released in 1978. This P.R. move was a follow-up to The Merry Marvel Marching Society (often abbreviated as "M.M.M.S."), a fan club created by Marvel Comics in the 1960s. It was established by Marvel's then-editor-in-chief, Stan Lee, as a way to engage with and connect with the growing fanbase of Marvel comic books.

For a small membership fee, fans received a membership kit that typically included a membership card, a welcome letter from Stan Lee, a sticker, a pin, and a poster. Fans also received a bi-monthly newsletter called "Marvelmania," which included news, articles, and artwork related to Marvel Comics and its characters.

Although the Merry Marvel Marching Society eventually disbanded in the early 1970s, it opened the door for a new fanzine, and FOOM was it!

The magazine was published quarterly and was available through mail order or comic book retailers. 

Some of FOOM's highlights include cover art by Steranko, Starlin, and Kirby. A prototype Wolverine can be seen in issue 2, and a preview of the new X-men team was released close to the same time as Giant Size X-men #1. 

FOOM included a variety of content, such as articles about Marvel creators, character spotlights, previews of upcoming comic book storylines, and fan letters and artwork. It also featured interviews with Marvel writers and artists, giving fans a glimpse into the creative process behind their favorite comics.

One of FOOM's unique aspects was its inclusion of exclusive merchandise and collectibles for its subscribers. Like being a member of the M.M.M.S society, FOOM offered items that included posters, stickers, membership cards, and other promotional material not available elsewhere.

The main content of FOOM magazine included:

  1. Creator Interviews: FOOM featured interviews with Marvel writers, artists, editors, and other creative personnel. These interviews offered insights into the creative process, upcoming storylines, and the behind-the-scenes workings of Marvel Comics.
  2. Character Spotlights: The magazine highlighted various Marvel characters in different issues, delving into their origins, powers, and critical story arcs. These character spotlights let fans learn more about their favorite heroes and villains.
  3. Sneak Peeks: FOOM provided previews of upcoming Marvel comic book releases, giving fans a glimpse of what they could expect in future issues.
  4. Fan Art and Letters: The magazine showcased fan artwork and published letters from readers, providing a platform for fan engagement and interaction.
  5. Exclusive Merchandise: FOOM offered its subscribers exclusive merchandise, such as posters, stickers, membership cards, and other collectibles featuring Marvel characters.

Marvel Universe Updates: FOOM kept readers informed about developments and events in the Marvel Universe, ensuring that fans were updated with the latest happenings in their favorite comic book world. 

FOOM was designed to connect Marvel fans and provide them with a unique experience beyond the pages of the comic books. It allowed readers to immerse themselves in the Marvel Universe, engage with the creators, and interact with fellow Marvel enthusiasts.

Overall, FOOM magazine served as a celebration of Marvel Comics and its passionate fanbase, offering a mix of entertainment, information, and community engagement for Marvel fans during the 1970s, and it did for so many fans.

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