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Over the last eight years, we have pressed thousands of comics and achieved subtle to substantial improvements on almost all of them.

Some books will require multiple presses as we want it to improve as much as it can.

If we assess any of your books and feel they wouldn't improve (at least somewhat) we will not press them just to take your money.

Our fee structure is simple, and as follows: $12 for a basic press, or $25 for a press and dry clean. This includes any year, size, and value, up to $5000. No gimmicks, hidden fees, or "fair market value" upcharges.  

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Pressing FAQs

What is "Pressing?"

Pressing introduces heat and pressure, and sometimes a small amount of moisture, to the fibers of a paper in order to smooth out minor bends, creases, dents, and folds.

Will you press any comic or magazine?

We can press most comics and magazines unless they are in poor shape, have metal covers, or any other uniquely difficult scenario.

What defects can be improved with pressing?

Pressing can reduce and sometimes eliminate bends, folds, dents, waves, non color breaking creases, and
other minor surface imperfections. It cannot fix or repair tears, color loss, holes, or similar physical damage.

Can I send you books for pressing services only?

Yes. You can submit books for pressing without having them graded. The charge for pressing alone is $12 per book. There is a five-book minimum order for this service if purchased without grading.

Can my book be pressed more than once?

Yes. There are times when a book will require multiple presses, so a book may benefit from an additional treatment even if it has already been pressed.

Can you press a book that has been signed?

Yes. However, certain signed books may not be good candidates for pressing. If we assess this to be the
case, we will not press the book and you will not be charged.

Do you clean comics and magazines as well?

Yes. We will perform a light surface cleaning on all books submitted for pressing. This is to ensure no dust or other particles are pressed into the surface of the book. We also provide a more comprehensive cleaning service at an additional charge that can remove more significant soiling and some staining.

Will you guarantee an improvement or grade bump to my book?

While we almost always see some benefit from a press, we can't guarantee that your book will get a grade bump or experience a major visual improvement. Rest assured, we will not press a book - and you will not be charged - if we don't see at least some potential for improvement.

Will my book be pressed in-house or do you send them out?

Our staff presses each and every book in house.

Do you offer book whitening?

No. Any company or individual that offers book whitening is using a caustic chemical or bleaching agent. If done poorly or heavily, this process will be noted as Altered by Hero Grader or any other reputable grading company.

Are pressing prices the same for any book?

Yes. We will not charge you an unfair fee due to the value, age, or size of your book.

Do you offer restoration removal?

We do not remove restoration such as color touch, tape, etc. That is beyond the scope of our services and can be extremely time consuming and challenging to do properly without risk of damage.

Do most books need to be cleaned?

No. In fact, most books after 1990 will not need to be cleaned. The older the book, the more likely it may need to be cleaned.